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Euro-Toques at Annecy Congress Center

26 & 27 January 2020

Euro-Toques at Annecy Congress Center

It is with great pleasure that the Annecy Congress Center was chosen to host the Euro-Toques France congress from 26 to 27 January 2020. This association of Chefs, the only one officially recognized by the European Commission, comes to Annecy to debate and exchange views on the future of cooking and gastronomy in France and in Europe.

What is « Euro-Toques France »?

It is an association created in 1986 on the initiative of two renowned French Chefs, Pierre Romeyer and Paul Bocuse. Today it is co-chaired by two other highnames of the French gastronomy: Michel Roth & Guillaume Gomez, Head Chef at the Palais de l'Élysée.
Euro-Toques has an European and international influence. It aims to represent European Chefs and Cooks, enhance their know-how, defend the quality and taste of food products through various communications and actions in respect of the culinary tradition. To do so, Euro-toques is a partner of local, national and European institutions.

Euro-Toques France 2020 annual congress

The French association meets every year in congress, the opportunity to share the success of their latest projects and the next deadlines to come concerning their lobby work with the European Commission. The 2020 edition has taken place at the Imperial Palace in Annecy,  to debate around conferences led by expert speakers and members of the "bureau" on various themes such as that the education of well eating or European PGI / PDO signs until transformation.
Presence of renowned Head Chefs and / or "MOF: Meilleur Ouvrier de France" such as Michel Roth, Guillaume Gomez, Jean-François Berard, Enrico Derflingher, Gérald Henrion, Marcel Lesoille, Marc Veyrat and many others ...
A gala dinner was organized for which each dish was concocted by a dedicated Chef. The meat, "Roast veal tenderloin, preserved turnip and Savoy pear in black truffle gravy" was signed by the chefs of our restaurants, Adrien Tupin-Bron & Sylvain Fombertasse.

It was a great honor for the Congress Center to welcome Euro-Toques France and all of its participants for the first time, who were able to discover the city of Annecy and the surroundings of its prestigious lake.

>> https://www.eurotoques.fr/
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