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Being stage manager at the Congress Centre

October 2019

Being stage manager at the Congress Centre

What does being stage manager mean?

You want to organize a large-scale event with your clients or collaborators, a seminar that requires a showcase or technical assistance, a gala evening with a live music band and an audiovisual control, a vehicle for a car launch, a congress with a specificlayout in a meeting room,... Whatever your business event and the technical constraints you encounter, our Audiovisual & Stage Manager is here to ensure the success and smooth running of your professional or private event!

Indeed, in addition to organizing your project with the sales department, his expertise is essential for technical issues, to confirm the feasibility of your requests, ensure the good management of the equipments at your disposal, coordinate and plan the different steps of operations, participates in visits and rehearsals with you. An expertise key to guarantee your success.

Meet our Stage Manager

  • David, what made you want to do this job?
[David] The idea of ​​being a stage manager comes from when I was a teenager. At the time I played the guitar in a band and the few concerts that we did confirmed my passion for music,... but also on the fact that I was not comfortable on the stage... From there, the choice on my future job was quickly defined: I wanted to be behind the control levers, the man in the shadow that showcases artists on stage!
I discovered the position of Congress Centre Audiovisual Manager at the Imperial Palace where, in addition to shows and concerts, I had the opportunity to manage big important events which required technically diverse knowledge. Indeed, those events imply video management, as well as sound and lighting.

  • What do you particularly like about your role?

[David] What I like is being a little "Conductor" of the whole organization related to the congress centre activity, managing the set up of meeting rooms, preparing the events with our customers, the technical challenges and the trust that I have regarding this aspect.

  • If you had to give me good memories you have from the Annecy congress centre, what would they be?
[David] My first MIFA “International Animated Film Market”, with the congratulations of Olivier Pollet-Villard, owner of the Imperial Palace, for my team and myself because it was a challenge, only a few months after my arrival. Also, the various large-scale congresses like the “Annecy Live Surgery” with huge technicaland often innovative means. This is an opportunity to test new systems which is very interesting. The three editions of our event “Bal Charlot”, which represented a huge personal investment, was a lot of work but also so friendly and incomparable! My last “Imperial Annecy Festival” where I still enjoyed working with so many musicians and artists was also a great moment!

Our Group / Seminar Department is at your service to offer you a personalized offer according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact them on +33 (0) 4 50 09 34 23 or by emailemail