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Video equipment,
control room, translation booth...
Enjoy a wide range of audiovisual solutions

Our audiovisual solutions for your event in Annecy

The Annecy des Congrès d’Annecy Congress Centre offers in each of the 21 reception and meeting rooms all the necessary equipment for the smooth running of your corporate event: seminar, conference, meeting, convention, gala evening...

On site, an Audiovisual Manager and his team, with technical and expert skills, ensures the proper functioning of the equipments and meets your most specific needs. 

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Immortalize your event in Annecy!

You want to keep a memory of the highlights of your event? We suggest you go for a photo or video report. Ideal to share with your team after the event, this project will show your best moments at the Convention Centre in Annecy.

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Our equipmentfor your congress in Annecy

To perfect the progress of your corporate event at the Annecy Congress Centre in Haute-Savoie,
you can access the following equipment and services :

Projection screen
2 Translation booths and simultaneous translation system*
Control room / Technical assistance *
Elevator platform for lifting cars or heavy equipment*
2 dressing rooms*
Sound systems
Scenic Equipment*
Privatizable welcome desk

We propose further adapted package to your needs and have a whole range of rates for professionals.
* Only available in the Salle de l’Europe

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